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Carbon8 is a proud partner of Stanjo India Ltd., Stanjo is an Indian Developer and Manufacturer of Industrial & Domestic LED Luminaries and Electronic control gears, designing both indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions and considered one of the fastest growing LED lighting companies in India.

Carbon8 Lighting Solutions

Carbon8 is a supplier and specialist in sustainable LED-Lighting. Our LED-lighting is rapidly conquering the world and will be the norm in Smart Cities, the cities of the future. All the fixtures are able to be flexibly programmed, providing a highly cost-reducing effect alongside flexibility.

Carbon8 provides different coating options, amber LED’s and motion sensors. In addition, all lighting solutions use cutting edge technology providing the best performance and economy.

Outdoor Lighting

LED-lighting increasingly replaces traditional lighting in public spaces. LED is the Outdoor Lighting of the future because of its sustainability and decreased light pollution. LED-lighting saves energy and is low-maintenance. Our Outdoor Lighting offers additional opportunities as well.

Carbon8 light fixtures not only have a functional and sleek design, they are innovative and eye-catchingly beautiful.

Cutting Edge

Carbon8 Lighting Solutions supply only the cutting edge technology for all LED lighting applications, providing you with the safety of up-to-date technological advancements.

Energy Efficient

The target of LED lighting is to consume less energy. We provide only the best LED solutions with low energy consumption with more than adaquate lighting as a primary target.

Lowered costs

Higher efficiency means a lowered cost to you and/or your business, save up to 90% of your lighting costs by replacing old and high energy consuming bulbs with high efficency LED lights.

About us

Carbon8 is a world leader in LED technology and solutions.


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