About Carbon8 Ltd.

Founded by John Murphy in 2010, Carbon8 is a privately owned technology company based in the United Kingdom.

We have a talented team of experienced professionals that help our clients get the best service across several continents. We have major projects in countries such as China, India, Germany and Great Britain and are continuously expanding.

Carbon8 deals with modern technology on a daily basis and are always researching new and better energy efficient solutions that our clients can benefit from.
We are trusted by both government organizations and blue-chip companies to design and implement both high-end fibre optic solutions and LED lighting.

Our client lists is extensive & includes just some of the following: BAESystems, Bechtel, BT, Dante, E-net, Easynet, Eircom, Energis, ESB, Etisalat, FiberAid, Google, Halliburton, HSBC, JDSU, Kordia, Marconi, MBDA, Mobily, National Grid, NATO, Orion, SSE Telecom, T-Mobile, Tata, Telewest, Thales, Tyco-Subcom, Verizon Business, UBS, UK-MOD, US-DOD & various Government agencies.

Richard Ednay, our technical director was the consultant of choice for BAEsystems on behalf of the UK ministry of defence to design both the fibre optic communications system for both HMS queen Elizabeth and HMS prince of Wales super carriers, which are currently under construction for the royal navy. Richard Ednay has received the IEC 1906 award in 2008 and for his work involved for the aircraft carrier development, he received BAEsystems chairman's award in 2005.

These are extremely high profile contracts, but behind the scenes, Richard Ednay is a key expert in many committees world-wide whom has set out standards for the I.T industry.

About us

Carbon8 is a world leader in LED technology and solutions.


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