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Parabolic Troffers

Multiple studies have shown a link between worker’s productivity and the work environment quality, particularly the lighting of office spaces. Currently, almost all modern office work relies on computers and an efficient lighting technology is crucial to create a comfortable work environment. Parabolic troffers have been the ideal choice in office space lighting technology. Other popular areas where troffers are employed are educational institutions, such as schools and colleges, hospitals, care centers or other public institutions. Parabolic troffers are ceiling fixtures with multiple lamps, offering high energy savings and comfortable, anti-fatigue light.

The parabolic troffer features a luminaire housing made of gauge cold rolled steel or extruded aluminium. The anodized aluminium louver is mounted in an open or closed position with steel hinges. The fixture features a light trap which is specifically designed to lower and prevent light leaks through the sides and other areas of the housing. The latches and hinges are positive action spring-loaded and the ventilation vents are finger-tip actuated, with a positive feed type design and are made of high quality steel. They are completely concealed in the reveal located on the back of the fixture. Typically, the housing is finished with a high temperature, ultra resistant baked white enamel that ensures durability and long work life. The painted elements are further treated with a six stage phosphate bonding process. The recessed areas, slots and vents are painted with a flat, matte enamel black paint. The rounded sides and hemmed ends guarantee easy handling during the installation process. The troffers come with a earthquake sensitive integral T-bar safety clips as standard.

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