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C8+ EN14682IIR Face Masks


3 Layer Protection

Non Woven and Meltblown


Established in 2010

Carbon8 LTD was originally established in 2010 within the UK.


In response to the Coronavirus outbreak we decided to produce qualified face masks to help the  fight against covid 19.

Made in the UK

Due to our Production lines being based within the UK we are able to provide Next Day Delivery to our customers.


By sourcing your PPE equipment from Carbon8 you are helping to employ UK workers and ensuring that your purchasing benefits the UK economy rather than a foreign economy.

You are helping to create a local supply of vital PPE that is not reliant on a foreign supply in the event of another pandemic in the future.

Registered with MHRA

We want to provide our customers with high quality, certified medical grade masks, allowing them to buy from us with the confidence that they have the maximum protection afforded by this type of product with the benefit of the medical requirement of fluid protection of Type EN14683 IIR

Our registration with MHRA in regards to medical devices provides evidence that our products are to NHS medical use standard.

About us

UK Manufacturing Company

In response to the call from the UK government to UK businesses to step up and begin our own PPE manufacturing, Carbon8 Limited decided to procure and commission 3 manufacturing lines specifically for Surgical-use face masks for medical use.

​Our production lines  produce High quality IIR Face Masks within the UK, our manufactured masks are tested  to EN14683IIR standard by a UK testing agency recommended by MHRA  and we launched the product to the UK market in October.

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